Sunday, May 3, 2009

A new "Daimajin" series coming to Japanese TV... with a female hero?

by Chris MaGee

I recently got a copy of the original Kimiyoshi Yasuda directed kaiju film "Daimajin", but I have to admit that I haven't yet had a chance to sit down and watch it. Unlike so many other kaiju films this one doesn't follow a giant lizard, moth, or some other kind of animal variant as it lays waste to Japanese cities and countryside. Daimajin (above right) is a huge terracotta warrior that comes to life to save the inhabitants of a small village that it overlooks when they come under the maniacal grip of a power hungry feudal lord. Created by Daiei Studios in 1966 this giant stone statue didn't have t5he same staying power as the king of all kaiju monsters Go9dzilla, but he still has a cult following both in and outside of Japan.

For a while in 2005 it was rumored that Takashi Miike was going to direct an updated film freaturing Daimajin, but this project has since petered out, but now word has come from the folks at The Good, the Bad, and Godzilla" that Kadokawa Publishing's "Newtype: The Live" magazine announced this month that a new TV series featuring the giant stone saviour was going into production titled "Daimajin Kannon". Details are still a bit vague on this new series and no network has yet been attached to it, but the magazine article was accompanied by a concept sketch (above left) for the series' female heroine, a girl who is probably "the titular "Kannon" (or 'Goddess of Mercy'), an avatar for Daimajin". A female Daimajin? Okay... Like I said I've yet to fully acquaint myself with the mythology of the story, so I'll leave it up to any hardcore fans out there to have at this in the comments.

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keeperdesign said...

All three "Daimajin" are fun. If you dig kaiju at all, you'll enjoy it. Forewarned: once you've seen one, you've seen them all!