Friday, May 15, 2009

"Onnanoko Monogatari (Girl's Story)" gets a teaser trailer and online stills

by Chris MaGee

I've been following Toshiyuki Morioka 's upcoming adaptation of Rieko Saibara's manga "Onnanoko Monogatari (Girl's Story)" since it was announced back in December (you can find our related stories about it here). The manga, and now film, follow the life of a female mangaka attempting to pull herself out of a serious career slump and reminiscing about her childhood. Eri Fukatsu (The Magic Hour, Bayside Shakedown) plays Saibara’s alter ego Natsumi Takahara in the film that is due to open in Japanese theatres this fall, but thanks to Cinema Today and YouTube we're already getting stills and a teaser trailer for the film. I thought it was nice to see a story being told about a woman writing and illustrating manga as that territory tends to be fan boy territory here in North America, and the gallery of stills promise that the film will really deliver visually. I could do without the touch of crass marketing in the minute-long teaser trailer where it says that "Onnanoko Monogatari" is "Your Story", but it's a small complaint.

To see the full gallery of stills click here, and for the trailer just click below.

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