Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Third Window Films picks up "Instant Numa" and "Lalapipo" for the UK

by Chris MaGee

Japanese film fans in the UK are in for a treat care of Third Window Films. I knew that Thrid Window's Adam Torel was going to be hitting the market at Cannes this year, cheque book in hand, but I had no idea what films he was aiming to pick up for his ever growing roster. Now, according to Todd Brown over at Twitch Torel has acquired the rights to two very hot properties: Satoshi Miki's "Instant Numa" and Masayuki Miyano's "Lalapipo" (above). Of course most of you know, and are waiting for, "Instant Numa", Satoshi Miki's follow-up to his 2007 comedy "Adrift in Tokyo", but "Lalapipo", written by "Kamikaze Girl's" Tetsuya Nakashima and based on a book by Hideo Okuda about people working in the Japanese sex industry, looks pretty damn zany and promising. Congrats to Adam Torel, and here's hoping we see these discs soon.

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