Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekly Trailers

HEY JAPANESE! Do you believe PEACE,LOVE and UNDERSTANDING? 2008 - Ryotaro Muramatsu (2008)

A cast of madcap characters mix, clash, and cross paths on the Route 16 highway on the outskirts of Tokyo in writer/ director Ryotaro Muramatsu's feature film debut. Starring Kana Harada, Yuria Hayama, Makoto Inamiya, Sayaka and Diamond Yukai.

Today's Yakuza: Three Decoy Blood Brothers - Sadao Nakajima (1971)

Number five in Toei's "Gendai Yakuza" or "Today's Yakuza" series has anti-hero Goro (Bunta Sugawara) seeking the help of his two brothers in a war against the biggest, baddest gang in Shinjuku. This film was to end the "Gendai Yakuza" series for good, but the following year Toei went to the theatres once more with "Gendai yakuza: hito-kiri yota" directed by Kinji Fukasaku and better known here in North America as "Street Mobster"

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