Friday, May 8, 2009

Wildgrounds scores a gallery of stills from Shinya Tsukamoto's new "Tetsuo" film

by Chris MaGee

Earlier this week the monumental news of Shinya Tsukamoto directing a third installment of "Tetsuo the Iron Man" exploded online. It seems that for the past year the 49-year-old auteur had been secretly working on new take on his most famous cinematic creation. Most people I've spoken to about this are wildly excited, while the news has made some people (including some folks here at the Pow-Wow) a little bit nervous about what they see as a possible regressive step for Tsukamoto. I sit somewhere in the middle and basically hope that Tsukamoto goes with the strongest aspects of his recent filmography to make this a really special project. If the gallery of four stills from what is simply being referred to as "The Tetsuo Project" that have been posted over at Wildgrounds is any indication it looks like Tsukamoto may have done just that. Follow the link and see for yourself, and have your say in the comments. Are you overjoyed, underwhelmed, or just indifferent to the news of a news "Tetsuo" film?

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