Monday, May 25, 2009

Yuki Uchida to play the older woman in an adaptation of Akiko Itoyama's "Bakamono"

by Chris MaGee

Actress Yuki Uchida (Welcome to the Quiet Room, zen) will be getting the chance to play the older woman in the upcoming romance "Bakamono (Stupid Thing)". Based on the 2008 novel by Akutagawa Prize-winning author Akiko Itoyama "Bakamono" will follow the relationship between Hide, played by Hiroki Narimiya (Lala Pipo, Halfway), a university student and Gakuko, Uchida's older woman who he meets while working a temp job at an office. Hide falls for Gakuko only to have his heart broken when he discovers that she is getting married. Jump ahead ten years and Hide has become a bitter alcoholic and Gakuko has suffered a life-changing injury. Will they be able to reconnect and salvage their love for each other?

"Bakamono" is currently filming "Death Note" director Susuke Kaneko running things behind the camera, and is due out in Japanese theatres in the spring of next year. This marks the third time that Itoyama's work has been adapted from the page into a feature film. The first was in 2005 with Ryuichi Hiroki's "It's Only Talk", and the second was in 2007 with Keita Motohashi's "Tôbô kusotawake".

Thanks to Tokyograph for the details on this.

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