Monday, June 29, 2009

Tomorowo Taguchi's sophomore film "Shikisoku Generation" gets a kick ass theme song

by Chris MaGee

Very often as I'm trolling through the couple dozen websites I check each morning for news and events I come across stories about various Japanese pop stars contributing theme songs to films. I normally don't ever report on these stories, mainly because the songs are bad - the worst kind of slickly produced, soft-pop, semi-inspirational crap that plays the credits of dozens upon dozens of films. Today, though, I'm making an exception and reporting on a song from a film because... well, becuase the song rocks. "Doshiyo Kana" comes from Tomorowo Taguchi's sophomore directorial effort "Shikisoku Generation", based on the semi autobiographical novel by Japanese pop culture guru Jun Miura about a teenage boy growing up in the 70's who travels to an island in Okinoshima, Shimane looking for free sun and sex. The video for "Doshiyo Kana" features quite a bit of footage from the film, due out in Japan this August, plus we get to hear the raw vocal stylings of the film's stars Daichi Watanabe, Kazunobu Mineta, and Shigeru Kishida who all have day jobs performing in various Japanese rock/ punk bands (Kuroneko Chelsea, Ging Nang Boyz, and Quruli respectively). Then again, what would you expect from a film directed by Taguchi, the man who fronted Japan's ear-splitting, in your face punk act Bachikaburi?

Check out the video below, and thanks to Nippon Cinema for pointing the way to it.

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