Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ultra-kawaii dog manga "Inubaka" being turned into a feature film

by Chris MaGee

"Quill", "Nekonade", "10 Promises to My Dog", "Gu Gu the Cat", etc, etc... The Japanese sure do love their pet movies! While films featuring dogs and cats as lead characters have for the most part been relegated to the straight-to-DVD market here in North America Japanese studios still churn out x-amount of titles every year to appeal to audiences (mostly children and young women) who want to sit in the theatre and squeal, "Kawaiiiiiiii!!!!!" Case in point, the upcoming big screen adaptation of Yukiya Sakuragi's best-selling manga "Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs".

Since it's debut in Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump in 2004 "Inubaka", or "Dog Fool", has sold more than 720,000 copies, so with that kind of success you know that a movie was inevitable. 22-year-old tarento Suzanne (above right) will star as the manga's heroine, Suguri, who has the uncanny ability to connect with dogs no matter how yappy, wild, dangerous, or generally hard to handle they are. From that picture above it also looks like Suzanne's Suguri will also be able to out kawaii her four-footed co-stars as well.

"Inubaka" is set to premiere in Japan this fall. Thanks to Anime News Network by way of Tokyograph for this story.

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