Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Shrill Cries of Summer - Ataru Oikawa (2008)

From the man who brought us the "Tomie" series comes the story of a very sinister summer. When Keiichi (Goki Maeda) arrives with his parents in a new town in the country he is befriended by a group of teenage girls. He counts himself lucky that he's found this group, but when it looks like the girls may be responsible for a string of murders stretching back years Keiichi finds himself fighting for his life.

Eijanaika - Shohei Imamura (1981)

1867 and Japan come out of 260 years of isolation. For a brief moment between the old ways of the Tokugawa Shogunate and the rapid modernization of the Meiji Restoration common Japanese broke out into what was called "The Eijanaika Riots", or "The Why Not Riots". Tradition collides with progress as common folk erupt into catharsis in New Wave master Shohei Imamura's "historical documentary"

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