Friday, July 3, 2009

The 1-Click Awards aim to provide you hours of time wasting fun

by Chris MaGee

Sometimes you just have to slow down a bit, don't be as productive and indulge in a little good old-fashioned time wasting fun. Computer solitaire is the choice time waster of many foilks out there, but a few weeks back Pow-Wow staff writer Marc Saint-Cyr brought the 1-Click Awards to our attention. The point of these awards run by Recruit MMedia Communications Co., Ltd. is to honour great design for mouse click graphics, whether they be flash animation, CG, movie, music, text or whatever a designer can dream up. Winner are awarded up to ¥500,000 for the most creative designs and their Japanese and English websites feature a couple really amazing examples that anyone could have a hell of a lot of fun killing some time with.

Check out the Japanese site here (my personal favorite), and the English site here. Have fun wasting time... but don't get caught at work doing it!

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