Monday, July 13, 2009

Stop-motion action and adventure with Japanese Barbie

by Chris MaGee

I'm not sure whether I should laugh myself silly or marvel at the stop-motion animation here, but when I saw the two 80's shorts featuring the “Japanese Barbie” Licca-chan front and center posted over at Pink Tentacle I knew I had to get one up here for all of you. The first of the pair, “CAT’s EYE PV by Japanese BARBIE” was directed by Hirofumi Okamura in 1984 and has Licca-chan not only going up against some laser wielding bad guys, but also busting out some dance move with these very same guys. If this 3-minute film isn't enough for you then head to Pink Tentacle here to check out the second film “Sailor-suited Fighter NANAMI-chan” that's got paper airplanes and giant crabs! Seriously!

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