Friday, July 3, 2009

Weekly Trailers

RoboGeisha - Noboru Iguchi (2009)

From the director of "The Machine Girl" comes another mechanized beauty: "RoboGeisha". Plot summary? Not sure if there is one. This trailer can be summed up by simply listing the absurdity herein: tengu-masked bikini assassins, CGI geisha who can transform into tanks, hydrochloric acid breast milk, stripper poles, kaiju action, a really bad case of hemorrhoids, and fried shrimp.

To Sleep so as to Dream - Kaizo Hayashi (1986)

From Kaizo Hayashi, the director behind the Maiku Hama Trilogy comes the 1986 film "To Sleep so as to Dream". Shiro Sano plays Uotsuka, a private detective hired by a faded movie starlet to track down her missing daughter, but does this daughter actually exist? Hayashi employs techniques from Japanese silent films, benshi narration and traditional kamishibai, or "paper drama" storytelling to weave a magical tribute to the roots of Japanese cinema.

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