Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The woman behind "Detroit Metal City" takes us to Thailand for her film "Pool"

by Chris MaGee

You may not know the name Mika Omori, but you'll definitely have heard of her work. The 37-year-old screenwriter penned the scripts for such films as Kei Kataoka's "Install", Michael Arias's "Heaven's Door", Toshio Lee's "Detroit Metal City" and the upcoming manga adaptation "Kaiji" starring Tatsuya Fujiwara. Omori isn't just a screenwriter though, she's a director as well. Most recently she helmed the cute kitten movie "Nekonade" starring Ren Osugi, and now she's shifting gears to a mother/ daughter drama simply titled "Pool".

"Pool" tells the story of Sayo (played by actress Kana) who seeks out her estranged mother (Satomi Kobayashi) in Thailand where she's been living for the past four years. Upon arriving she must not only deal with the fact that her mother has informally adopted a Thai boy, but also her own feelings for a young Japanese man she meets, Ichio (played by Ryo Kase).

"Pool" is is getting a limited theatrical release in Japan on September 12th. You can check out the trailer over at Nippon Cinema, as well as find out more about the film at its snazzy Japanese-language website here.

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