Thursday, August 27, 2009

Go Nagai's "Abashiri Ikka (The Abashiri Family)" goes live-action

by Chris MaGee

If you've seen films like "Cutie Honey" and "Devilman" then you know the work of mangaka Go Nagai. The 63-year-old manga artist is not only behind the above mentioned characters, but also "Mazinger Z", "Harenchi Gakuen", and "UFO Robot Grendizer". Now another of Nagai's manga will be making the transition from the page to the screen with a live-action adaptation of "Abashiri Ikka (The Abashiri Family)".

"Abashiri Ikka" first appeared in the pages of Shonen Champion in 1969 and ran for four years. It chronicled the adventures of a family of gangsters led by Kikunosuke, a sword-wielding and often topless young woman. Actress and member of pop group Idoling!!! Erika Tonooka has been cast as Kikunosuke in film which follows the Abashiri Family as they implanted with "violence suppression chips" and are imprisoned in a remote region of Japan designated to house the most dangerous villains. Comedians Ijiri Okada and Nabeyakan will round out the cast.

I guess with the overt sexual content of the original manga I'm wondering just how much of Tonooka audiences will see in "Abashiri Ikka". I guess we'll have to wait until November 21st when the film will get a limited Japanese release. Thanks to Tokyograph for this story.

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Yume said...

I fear the worst for this movie. But it's always one more Nagai's go live...
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