Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Gundam Robot's Green Mission

by Marc Saint-Cyr

I'm sure there are many of you out there who have been following the story about the construction of a giant Gundam Suit in Odaiba over the past few months. Modelled after the RX-78-2 Gundam robot from the popular anime series "Mobile Suit Gundam" by Yoshiyuki Tomino, the impressive structure was unveiled in all of its towering glory in June (see the Pow-Wow's story on the completed project here). Now, according to the Tokyo Reporter, it turns out that the giant figure has been given a specific mission - and a "green" one at that!

It turns out that the giant figure was constructed not only to celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Mobile Suit Gundam," but also in honor of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project, an event designed to spread awareness and draw funds alike for environmentally friendly endeavors to be pursued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Apparently inspired by the series' focus on the environment (through its depiction of a future in which people choose between staying on a strained Earth and migrating to space), the Project (and its thirty-five-ton mascot) will hopefully gain support for such causes as tree plantings alongside roads, new school lawns and the big one: an environmental clean-up in an effort to raise Tokyo's chances in the bid to host the 2016 Olympics and Paralympics (to be announced in October).

Well, the green cause has received its fair share of representatives in the efforts to spread the word about rescuing our planet from harm, but this one surely must take the cake. After all, what better figure to boost your cause than a towering Gundam robot? Let's just hope it'll achieve solid results - not just for the environment's sake, but also to keep the massive RX-78-2 from seeking destructive vengeance for the planet!


Ventura_Publishing said...

Just wanted to point out that Gundam was an anime creation of Yoshiyuki Tomino for the anime production studio Sunrise. Mitsuteru Yokoyama created the Tetsujin 28 manga.

Marc Saint-Cyr said...

Thanks for pointing that out! I'll make that correction to the article.