Sunday, August 2, 2009

The J-Film Pow-Wow caves in and starts to tweet on Twitter

by Chris MaGee

There might very well still be a few of you out there who remember when the J-Film Pow-Wow was simply a Facebook group. We went by in that format for almost a year before launching this blog and having a very busy, but very exciting 2009. Our Facebook group is still going strong with over 1,200 members, I've gone and caved in and started up a Twitter account for the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow as a way to both keep up on breaking news and events in the world of Japanese films, as well as to have an outlet to post fun and informative info about Japanese culture in general, things that might not get posted on the blog because the link to Japanese cinema is a bit too tenuous. So, if you feeling like "following" the Pow-Wow on Twitter then all you have to do is click here!

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