Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Plenty of news on the Daihachi Yoshida front

by Chris MaGee

I have to make an admission that I'm not proud of - I have yet to see Daihachi Yoshida's highly-praised pitch black comedy “Funuke Show Some Love, You Losers!” I know, I know! I feel like heel, especially since today there's a whole load of news on the Yoshida front.

First up, you'll recall that word came out in March that Yoshida was following up "Funuke" with "Kuhio Taisa" that will star Masato Sakai as Captain Kuhio, a real-life con man who throughout the 70s and 80s seduced women by passing himself off as a military pilot, convincing them that if they married him that they would get a pay out from the Japanese government. The film is due out in Japanese theatres next month and in advance of that the above promo pic (care of CinemaCafe.net) of Sakai complete with prosthetic nose and a glint in his eye has been released, that and a teaser trailer that you can check out below.

It's not just "Kuhio Taisa" that Yoshida has on hand right now though. News comes via Tokyograph that 32-year-old actress Miho Kanno will be starring in yet another Yoshida film titled "Permanent Nobara". This is the first time in seven years that Kanno will be taking on a lead role (the last time was in Takeshi Kitano's "Dolls"). For her return to the limelight Kanno will portray a recently divorced woman who returns the the rural Tosa region with her daughter to open a beauty salon. Yoshida is basing "Permanent Nobara" on a manga by Rieko Saibara, and the rest of the cast will be rounded out by Yosuke Eguchi, Eiko Koike, Chizuru Ikewaki, Mari Natsuki, and Ryudo Uzaki. "Permamnent Nobara" is due out in Japan in May of next year.

Now with all this coming up I finally have to get off my ass and pick up a copy of "Funuke"...

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