Monday, August 3, 2009

You've never heard the "Star Wars" theme song quite like this

by Chris MaGee

No news here, just pure 18-karat comedy gold. You may not have heard the name Masato Shimon, but if you're a fan of any old tokusatsu series like "Kamen Rider", "Ultra Seven", and "Kikaider 01" then you've certainly heard his voice. Shimon was the singer who provided the theme music for more than a dozen classic tokusatsu series, but one of his biggest hits didn't come via TV, but via the "Star Wars" mania that gripped the world back in 1978. That year Shimon released his own version of the "Stars Wars" theme song compsed by John Williams, but the lyrics - well they were all Shimon. Check out this translated excerpt:

Far, far away, beyond the galaxy
The flames of justice light the night sky
To protect the peace in space, you’ve got to defeat Darth Vader
Laser beams, spitting red fire
Swing your lightsaber
Space is in trouble! Now’s your chance!
Luke, ganbare!

Better yet, just listen to the song. Eat your heart out, Bill Murray! Thanks to Alt Japan for the laughs.

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