Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Pandora's Box - Masanori Tominaga (2009)

Based on Osamu Dazai's 1945 novel of the same name "Pandora's Box" tells the story of Hibari (Shota Someya) who while recuperating from tuberculosis at a sanitarium becomes involved with two nurses: one young and lively, the other introverted and middle-aged. Set for release in Japanese theatres on October 10th.

Salaryman Chushingura - Toshio Sugie (1960)

There have been dozens of screen adaptations, both feature film and television, of the epic tale of the Loyal 47 Ronin, or as it's known in Japan "Chushingura", but in 1960 the tale of samurai honor and revenge was updated by director Toshio Sugie to the 20th-century with salarymen in the place of samurai. Ryo Ikebe stars as Asano, the man ordered to commit seppuku for attacking a daimyo lord and Hisaya Morishige stars as Oishi, his loyal servant who plots to avenge his master's death.

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