Monday, October 19, 2009

The 22nd Tokyo International Film Festival kicks of with glitz, glamour and green

by Chris MaGee

Saturday saw the 22nd Annual Tokyo International Film Festival open with a lavish green, not red carpet, event. For the second year in a row the fest has adopted an eco-friendly "green" theme and that includes swapping out the red carpet at premieres with the much more representative green that you see above.

Guests at the opening night gala screening of Jacques Perrin's nature documentary "Oceans" included the new Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and his wife Miyuki (above center), Rie Miyazawa (above right), Takayuki Yamada, and Yoshino Kimura who is acting as one of the festival's Green Ambassadors. Following up the screening of "Oceans" guests got a chance to be some of the very first people to see footage from the long awaited James Cameron 3D sci-fi adventure "Avatar".

It won't just be ecology and space epics at TIFF this year though. There's a very strong representation of Japanese films included amongst the 270 films programmers have on tap this year - Jinsei Tsuji's "Acacia" starring former pro-wrestler Antonio Inoki, indie powerhouse Yuya Ishii's "To Walk Beside You", Tetsuaki Matsue's "Live Tape", Takuya Fukushima's "Our Brief Eternity", and Kite Okachimachi's "If Blessed" amongst many others.

The Tokyo International Film Festival runs until November 25th, and to get more info on all the films packed into the next week check out the fest's official website here. Thanks to Japan Today for the background on this story and for the above image.

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