Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kaiju monster Gomora comes to life with a stomping, smoking super suit

by Chris MaGee

Well, first we had not one, but two "life-sized" giant robots pop up in Japan over the summer, the Gundam suit in Odaiba and the Tetsujin-28 in Kobe, so why not go to the next logical step? What's that? Giant monsters of course! With the whole menagerie of kaiju monsters from Godzilla to King Ghidorah it only makes sense that someone would try to bring one of these beats to life and that's just what the special effects team at Tsuburaya Productions has done. The techs have devised a 3-metre tall, 6-metre long costume of Gomora, the evil dinosaur monster from the original "Ultraman" series, that can stomp, scream and spew smoke from its mouth. Apparently this costume is going to be the first in a series of costumes that Tsuburaya Productions will be producing for use at promotional events throughout Japan. From the video, care of Pink Tentacle below this Gomora looks pretty impressive, although it's a good 30-plus metres short of what the onscreen Gomora was supposed to measure up to... which brings me to the final point of this news item. If they can build scale models of a Gundam suit and Tetsujin-28 then why not a huge statue of, say, Godzilla or even Gomora to go along with them, Just a thought, just a thought...

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