Friday, October 9, 2009

Want to be an extra in "Zebraman 2"? Sure you do! Here's how you can

by Chris MaGee

Do you want to be an extra in Takashi Miike's sequel to his zany 2004 superhero comedy "Zebraman"? Sue you do... but wait... They're making a sequel to "Zebraman"??? Apparently yes. According to an announcement posted on Toei's website the studio is continuing the story of Shinichi, the gym teacher turned crime fighting Zebra, but this time in the near future. Sho Aikawa is returning to the role of Zebraman, but this time out the film will be set in 2025.

Not many other details in the announcement except that there will be crowd scenes shot in Yokohama on October 28th and that Toei is looking for 200 extras (age/ sex/ and dress don't matter) to witness Zebraman don his stripes and fight crime once again! So if you're in the Yokohama area and have the 28th free then follow the link above for additional details (in Japanese). And you can rest assured that well keep on this story to tell you more about "Zebraman 2" as details leak out.

Thanks to Don Brown via Twitter for this exciting bit of news.

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