Friday, November 13, 2009

1212 Entertainment created to remake/ reboot/ re-imagine manga and anime

by Chris MaGee

We've been following the news of a live-action "Cowboy Bebop" remake with a mix of morbid fascination and horror since word leaked out about it a year ago (read our full coverage here). As a recap here are the basic brushstrokes of the plan: Hollywood producer Erwin Stoff, the man behind that "Day the Earth Stood Still" remake, has been working with Keanu Reeves and "Cowboy Bebop" creator Shinichiro Watanabe to bring the adventures of Spike Spiegel and the crew of the Bebop to life with none other than Keanu Reeves as Spiegel. Watanabe has given his blessing, Peter Craig, who's also penning the screenplay for the upcoming "Bad Boys 3", is currently writing for the project, but no director has been attached to the film yet. So, there are all the gory details.

Now word has come from Anime News Network that Joshua Long (above left), one of the executive producers on this "Cowboy Bebop" remake has announced the creation of a new production company, 1212 Entertainment, whose goal it will be to bring us even more Hollywood remakes of Japanese anime, manga, and video games. Now, "Cowboy Bebop" won't fall under the banner of 1212 Entertainment, that will be staying with 3 Arts Entertainment, but currently Long and his fledgling company are developing remakes/ reboots/ re-imaginings of Shuhei Morita's animated series "Kakurenbo - Hide and Seek" and a project based on the work of manga artist Kazuo Koike.

I guess Hollywood feels they've mined the American comic book hero vein long enough and now they're heading to Japan for inspiration. Only time will tell how they'll manage to mangle or elevate our favorite manga and anime.

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