Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Celebration held to mark the end of 22 years of "Tsuribaka Nisshi"

by Chris MaGee

It was back in April that it was announced that one of contemporary Japanese film's most successful series was going to be coming to an end. After 22 years, 20 films and billions of yen raked in at the Japanese box office the adventures of Hama-chan and Su-san the duo in "Tsuribaka Nisshi" would be coming to an end with "Tsuribaka Nisshi: 20th Final". To mark the completion of production on the last of this series that follows the many (many) fishing trips of salaryman Densuke Hamasaki, played by Toshiyuki Nishida (above left getting the smooch), and his boss Ichinosuke Suzuki, played by Japanese screen legend Rentaro Mikuni (above right) a special ceremony was held at the Hotel New Otani, Tokyo on Wednesday complete with cake... but no fish strangely enough.

The "Tsuribaka Nisshi" films kicked off in 1988 when Shochiku released an adaptation of Jūzō Yamasaki and Kenichi Kitami's manga. It was an immediate hit, so Shochiku kept releasing a new "Fishing Fool" film every year, usually around the lead up to the New Year, but with series star Mikuni approaching his 87th birthday it's time for things to wrap up.

"Tsuribaka Nisshi: 20th Final" will be hitting Japanese theatres on December 26th. Thanks to for this news, and make sure to check out the 30-second TV spot for the film below.

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