Friday, November 6, 2009

"Directory of World Cinema: Japan" coming in 2010 with contributions from the J-Film Pow-Wow

by Chris MaGee

Just before the J-Film Pow-Wow blog went on a well deserved two week break at the end of September I patted myself on my back about getting to go to Frankfurt for Nippon Connection in the spring, writing liner notes for Evokative Film's DVD release of Sion Sono's "Hazard" and of course pairing up with Jasper Sharp to bring the Shinsedai Cinema Festival to Toronto. I know... all me, me, me, ME! But the Pow-Wow isn't just about Chris MaGee, far from it, and besides whatever successes I've been lucky enough to experience this year three of my colleagues here at the blog have also got something to be very proud of.

On February 10th UK-based publisher Intellect Books will be releasing "Directory of World Cinema: Japan". Edited by John Berra (above right), author of "Declarations of Independence: American Cinema and the Partiality of Independent Production" this new title is a comprehensive guide to the films that make up Japanese cinema, from the classics of Kurosawa to the work of contemporary masters like Kitano. What's best is that amongst the contributing authors weighing in on some of our favorite films are none other than the J-Film Pow-Wow's Bob Turnbull, Matthew Hardstaff, and Marc Saint-Cyr. I know how hard they all worked on their contributions for this book, and all you regular viewers of the Pow-Wow blog will have read their film reviews every week, so make sure you join me in buying a copy of "Directory of World Cinema: Japan" to add to your library. I'll even make it easy for you... It's on pre-order from Amazon already! Congrats Bob, Matt and Marc!


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