Monday, November 16, 2009

The full trailer for "Higanjima" arrives full of vampires, action and blood

by Chris MaGee

Is it just me or are a lot of the manga adaptations that are getting made these days geared towards female or younger audiences? I can't really see a lot of grown guys dropping money to go and see films like "Inubaka", "My Darling is a Foreigner", or "Dance, Subaru!", but then again with the percentage of female ticket buyers, and young kids being taken to the movies, far out-stripping male ticket buyers it makes sense, but now there's a manga adaptation that is geared to the guys out there, one that has action, sword fights, supernatural mystery and gore, gore and gore...

Last July it was announced that Koji Matsumoto's horror manga "Higanjima" was going to be brought to the screen in a live-action adaptation directed by Korean director Tae-Gyun Kim (read our full coverage here. The story of "Higanjima" follows the quest of Akira Miyamoto, a young man searching for his missing brotehr who has ended up on an island ruled by vampires and otehr supernatural baddies.

Any kind of real trailer has been a long time coming for "Higanjima", but now it's here and it's chock full of martial arts action, creepy vampires, and geysers of blood. You can check it our at Nippon Cinema. So if you're a guy who's getting sick and tired of cutesy live-action manga adaptations then make sure to check out "Higanjima"... AND if you're a woman who hates chicks flicks and gets off on action, fight sequences, vampires, and buckets of gore (and I know you're out there), well, then god bless you! You'll love this!

"Higanjima" is set to hit Japanese theatres on January 9th.

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