Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"House" finally makes its way to DVD courtesy of Masters of Cinema

by Chris MaGee

While the popularity of Nobuhiko Obayashi's 1977 horror classic "House" has been growing and growing across North America the folks at the Criterion Collection have been teasing and teasing about their long-rumoured and now semi-confirmed 2010 DVD release... but the question remains when in 2010? While we know that it's definitely coming us "House" fans may turn various shades of blue waiting for the street date for what we can only hope will be a phenomenal DVD release. UK-based company Master of Cinema have jumped into the middle of this waiting game by announcing their own UK Region 2 release of Obayashi's film on January 25th. This release of "House" will be accompanied by a booklet of essays on the film as well as "An extensive 90-minute selection of interviews with director Nobuhiko Obayashi, co-screenwriter Chigumi Obayashi, actress Kumiko Oba and Toho promotional executive Shoho Tomiyama".

All I have to say to the folks at the Criterion Collection is you better hurry up... With the Masters of Cinema release plus the various DVD-R discs of "House" that are floating around that friends (who shall remain nameless) have been snatching up it seems Criterion has got some competition for DVD collectors dollars.

Check out the trailer included on in the Masters of Cinema release of Nobuhiko Obayashi's "House" below, and thanks to Todd Brown at Twitch for this news.


Nicholas Rucka said...

It's been available on DVD with English subs from the German Company, Rapid Eye Movies, for several years now.


The question is: will this DVD release be mastered from the new HD transfer or not?

Anton said...

and the quality aint bad either. I own it and I am very satisfied with it. Only a blu-ray release could make me buy it again.