Friday, November 13, 2009

Just in time for the coming holidays - A "House" T-shirt!

by Chris MaGee

While the Criterion Collection's plan to release Nobuhiko Obayashi's 1977 head trip horror classic "House" as part of their venerable DVD series has become fairly common knowledge among fans Janus and the Criterion Collection have never actually made a big announcement, at least not online that I'm aware of. As we reported last month it was announced prior to the screening at Austin's Fantastic Fest screening of "House" that it would be released by the Criterion Collection next year, and the folks at Janus have had the foresight enough to precede this release with a tour of "House" through various theatres across North America. But in terms of online news of the upcoming DVD release, well, it's just been slowly (but steadily) leaking out.

The latest bit of news to build the "House" buzz does in fact come from the folks at the Criterion Collection... and it is so very, very cool. The Collection is selling men's and women's "House" t-shirts for $17.00 U.S. out of their online store, and although they may scare small children with their maniacal cat face taken from the film's poster they definitely would be a fine addition to any Japanese film geek's wardrobe. Head to the Criterion Collection online store here to check out how you can get yours.

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