Friday, November 13, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Sho no Michi - Koji Kawano (2009

Koji Kawano's "Sho no Michi" takes the friendship between two very different young men as it's center. Junichi is training as a boxer, but ends up stumbling into a calligraphy club at school. Soon he discovers that his way of life is changing as he pursues this new path. How does this affect his friendship with childhood buddy Kentaro who continues to pursue the dream of being a prize fighter? "Sho no Michi" is set to open in Japanese theatres on December 26th.  


Nanami: Inferno of First Love - Susumu Hani (1968)

Japanese New Wave pioneer Susumu Hani pushes the envelope and breaks taboos with his 1968 film "Namami: The Inferno of First Love". Working from a screenplay by avant-garde master Shuji Terayama, "nanami" follows the relationship between a young man and woman who due to various complications can't consummate their love for each other. The film delves into the dark territory of abuse, masochism, and impotence, and ended up being one of the boldest statements of independent Japanese filmmaking in the 1960's. *** Please note: this trailer is NOT WORK SAFE!

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