Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Golden Slumber - Yoshihiro Nakamura (2010)

Director Yoshihiro Nakamura takes his third crack at adapting the work of novelist Kotaro Isaka with "Golden Slumber" Isaka, the man whose works formed the basis of Nakamura's "The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God" and "Fish Story" brings us the story of a man, played by Masato Sakai, who must prove his innocence after being framed for an assassination attempt on the Japanese Prime Minister. "Golden Slumber" is set to hit Japanese theatres on January 30th.

Samurai Fiction - Hiroyuki Nakano (1998)

Director Hiroyuki Nakano brings us his hip and hilarious revision of the days of the samurai with "Samurai Fiction". A trio of samurai go in search of a priceless sword but the quest turns into a search for revenge and mayhem ensues. Of all the films that Quentin Tarantino referenced in his two-part epic "Kill Bill" this was the most contemporary... and the one that had nearly whole scenes lifted.

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