Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Full gallery of stills posted from "Haru tono tabi" starring Tatsuya Nakadai

by Chris MaGee

When I saw this over at Wildgrounds I gasped. You don't understand how excited I am about Masahiro Kobayashi's upcoming film "Haru tono tabi". Well, you might understand if you read our original report from back in April, but let me recap a little bit.

Kobayashi is the man behind what I think is one of the most important films to come out of Japan this decade, 2005's "Bashing". That film was a minimalist, harrowing account of a recently released aide worker held hostage in Iraq who returns not to open arms and praise from her countrymen, but shame and derision.

It's in "Bashing" that actress Fusako Urabe gives an astounding and heart-wrenching performance as the young woman disowned by her fellow Japanese, but Urabe isn't the only amazing actor that Kobayashi has had the privilege to work with. For his 2001 film "Man Walking on Snow" he teamed up with the late Ken Ogata, and for 2006's "Shiawase" he worked with Ryo Ishibashi; but for "Haru tono tabi" he has cast one of Japanese cinema's most legendary stars - Tatsuya Nakadai.

Now Wildgrounds has posted a gallery of stills from "Haru tono tabi" featuring Nakadai as a retired fisherman who takes his granddaughter (Eri Tokunaga) north to Hokaido for a family visit. Follow the link above to get a peek at this film which will hit Japanese theatres this coming May.

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Lookf4r said...

Man i'm really excited to see him in another film. Its cool he is working with a good director to boot!