Friday, December 11, 2009

The full trailer and theme song by Asian Kung-Fu Generation arrives for "Solanin"

by Chris MaGee

It was announced way back in April that Aoi Miyazaki was going to be starring in the live-action adaptation of Inio Asano's manga "Solanin" (read our full coverage here). Directed by first time feature director Takahiro Miki the film follows the story of the daily struggles of college sweethearts Meiko (KIyazaki), a young office worker, and her freeter boyfriend Taneda (Kengo Kora) who is also the lead singer of a rock band. It was reported though that Kora, who already got to flex his musical chops in Yoshihiro Nakamura's "Fish Story", wasn't the only one who gets to step up to the mic in "Solanin". Miyazaki apparently took both guitar and voice lessons for the better part of a year in preparation for filming.

Now the official trailer for "Solanin" has arrived and Kevin Ouellette at Nippon Connection has it... and it's got some surprises. It looks like Kora isn't in the entire film as his character dies in a traffic accident at some point and it's left to Miyazaki to step in and front his band. Check out the fill trailer here. After that check out one of the two tracks that power pop band Asian Kung-Fu Generation has recorded for the film's soundtrack. The song "Mustang" is pretty damn catchy and will most likely play over the end credits of the film.

Asmik Ace will release "Solanin" in Japanese theatres in April.

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Soy said...

This has got to be the worst trailer in the world. What is the rationale behind revealing the entire story in a trailer? Having read and liked the manga, I'm not experiencing any spoiler angst from seeing this, but I am disappointed in the revealing of every major plot point to those that are not familiar with Solanin. It destroys the element of surprise and in turn, lowers the effectiveness of the story to elicit strong emotional reactions. The boyfriend dying was a huge bombshell in the manga. Her picking up the guitar and playing in his band was an incredibly uplighting finale. The emotional resonance of these moments are all but sucked dry from this damn trailer! BAHHH!!!!