Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays from the Toronto J-Film Pow-Wow... and Ultraman!

Well, It's the end of another year, but what a year it's been! None of us here at the Pow-Wow could have anticipated how successful this year would be what with trips to Nippon Connection and Fantastic Fest, a slew of great interviews, our Otaku O-Tanjobi celebration in May, the inclusion of Bob, Marc and Matt's work in the upcoming "Directory of World Cinema: japan", and of course the founding of The Shinsedai Cinema Festival here in Toronto. Bob, Marc, Matt, Eric and I couldn't have done all this on our own though, so as we approach the holidays we'd like to wish all the best to some of the folks who made 2009 such an amazing year. Thanks to:

James Heron and the staff at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, Jasper Sharp, Masayuki Suzuki, Toshi Aoyagi, Anna Suzuki and the Japan Foundation Toronto, Marty Gross, Adam Lopez and the crew of the After Dark Film Festival, Sonia Sakamoto Jog and the crew of the Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, Alex Zahlten, Maria Klomfass, Petra Palmer, and the crew at Nippon Connection, Daniel Hanna and the staff at Eyesore Cinema, Lindan McCann and the staff at Things Japanese, Tim League and everyone at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Don Brown, Todd Brown, Andrew Mack and Twitch Film, Jason Gray, John Berra and Intellect Books, Kurt Halfyard, John Allison and the staff at Row Three, Trista Devries, Thomas Silver, Kevin Ouellette, Da Hye Kim, Catherine Munroe Hotes, Rieko Fuji and Viz Pictures, Stephanie Trepanier and Evokative Films, Shannon the Movie Moxie, James McNally, Robert Harding, Richard Iwasa, M.J. Di Rocco, Miyuki Kobayashi, Robyn Dranfield, Yoshi & Chie, Shaun Sayer, Polly Esther, Blake Ethridge, Grady Hendrix and the New York Asian Film Festival, Marc Walkow, Tetsuki Ijichi and Tidepoint Puictures, The Victory Cafe, Paupers Pub, Akino Kondoh, David Hudson and IFC, Naomi Hocura, Brandon Hocura and Vowls, Kazuhiro Soda, Yukie Kito, Keiko Kusakabe, Edmund Yeo, Yojiro Takita, Yuki Nakamura and Omni TV, Nobi Nakamura, Yuki Tanada, Aaron Gerow, Hiroyuki Matsumoto, Risa Morimoto, Alice Shih and Fairchild Radio, Kieran Grant and the staff at Eye Weekly, Kazuyoshi Kumakiri, Ryuichi Honda, Takagi Masakatsu, Yoshihiro Ito, Masaki Iwana, Kayoko Tombo, Yasutomo Chikuma, Atsuko Ohno, Tetsuhiro Kato, Touru Hano, Junko Kimoto, Miki Ohi and the staff of the Pia Film Festival, Fujiko Takeyama and the staff at UniJapan

To all these folks and to all of our regular readers all the best of the season, have a safe and happy holiday and we'll see you all on January 5th when we'll continue to bring you the best of Japanese film.

And now a little bit of the season with Ultraman and his cast of kaiju sidekicks and Wham!'s "Last Christmas". Strange but true....

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Robert-Philippe Masse said...

Even kaiju monsters get drunk during holidays. hope the new japanese cinema decade will be good like with a great kitano's come back with his new feature!