Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tadanobu Asano to star in adaptation of Yukiko Motoya's novel "Ranbou to Taiki"

by Chris MaGee

Continuing with big name stars in high profile films this Tuesday Tokyograph has word on an upcoming film from another of our favorite actors Tadanobu Asano. Asano has signed on to star opposite 23-year-old model-turned-actress Minami in a big screen adaptation of two time Akutagawa Prize-winning author and playwright Yukiko Motoya's 2005 novel "Ranbou to Taiki".

The novel tells the story of a man named Hidenori, played by Asano, who lives in the attic of a house above a young woman named Nanase (Minami). The two aren't lovers, nor are they related in any way, but for an unknown reason Hidenori is poltting revenge on his female housemate, plotting that Nanase is entirely aware of. Definitely dark territory.

"Pavillion Salamandre" and "Pandora's Box" helmer Masanori Tominaga is set to direct. Expect to see "Ranbou to Taiki" in Japanese theatres by the fall of 2010.

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