Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekly Trailers

Saru Lock - Tetsu Maeda (2010)

Based on Naoki Serizawa's manga "Saru Lock: The Movie" features "Rookies" and "Rainbow Song" star Hayato Ichihara as Yatarō "Saru" Sarumaru, a goofy high school student with a secret talent - he's a genius lock picker. It's this natural ability that gets Saru into a heap of trouble - with gangsters, the police and a few lovely young ladies. "Saru Lock" hits Japanese theatres on February 27th.

Red Handkerchief - Toshio Masuda (1964)

Yujiro Ishihara stars as Mikami, a drug detective who's been hiding out ion the country waiting for the heat to die down after he accidentally shoots a witness in a sting operation. It doesn't take long for him to returns to Yokohama - with a mission. Find out what went wrong with the case, and try and win back the woman he loves from his ex-partner.

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