Friday, February 5, 2010

The first round of films announced for Frankfurt's Nippon Connection 2010

by Chris MaGee

Who was a happy guy when he stumbled out of bed yesterday and found a press release from Nippon Connection announcing the first round of films for their 10th anniversary line-up? Well, that would be me, but it would also be any other Japanese film fan out there. Outside of festivals held in Japan Nippon Connection has become the go to spot for Japanese cinephiles and by the looks of the press release Marion Klomfass, Petra Plamer, Alex Zahlten and the crew are pulling out all stops to make this 10th offering of the fest in Frankfurt am Main the best yet.

Check out just this fraction of this year's line-up: Miwa Nishikawa's "Dear Doctor", Takashi Mike's "Crows II", Koji Yakusho's "Toad's Oil", Takayuki Hamana's "Chocoloate Underground", Isshin Inudo's "Zero Focus", Tomorowo Taguchi's "Oh My Buddha", a.k.a. "The Shikisoku Generation", Michael Arias' "Heaven's Door", and last but in no ways least Toshiaki Toyoda's "Blood of Rebirth" (above). For me the two must sees on that list are "Blood of Rebirth" because it's so good to see Toshiaki Toyoda back in the director's chair where he belongs and "Zero Focus" just because Yoshitaro Nomura's original 1961 film is probably my favorite mystery of all time. can Inudo repeat that magic?

I'm 100% certain that by the time the full line-up for Nippon Connection 2010 is announced at the beginning of March that my list of must sees will double, triple, or possibly quadruple. Guess I should book my flight...

Nippon Connection 2010 will run in Frankfurt am Main from April 14th to April 18th. The official website hasn't been updated yet, but make sure to check out more about the fest here.

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