Monday, February 8, 2010

Nikkatsu's Sushi Typhoon gets its own Twitter feed

by Chris MaGee

Are you a fan of films like "Death Trance", "The Machine Girl", and "Tokyo Gore Police"? If so then you will have been one of the many folks who'd have been excited when Nikkatsu announced the formation of their new production/ distribution wing, Sushi Typhoon. This new wing of the old motion picture studio in Japan is dedicated to bringing more of this Asian Extreme version 2.0 movement to gore hungry audiences worldwide, and now there's news via Outcast Cinema's Marc Walkow that he will be helping Sushi Typhoon spread the word about their films through their brand new Twitter feed. Want to keep up on release news for "Alien vs. Ninja" or "Mutant Girls Squad"? Then start following the feed... and while you're at it start following our Twitter feed even though I barely get a chance to tweet about anything...

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