Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Girl's Life - Yukichi Otsuka (2009)

Indie director Yuki Otsuka takes us into the world of hostess clubs in his latest film "Girl's Life". 25-year-old fashion model Rina Sakurai makes her acting debut as a young woman from Osaka who hopes to, if not make her fortune, then at least make ends meet by taking a job in a hostess club in Tokyo.

Ban Kaku Rock - Makoto Naito (1973)

What's a Friday without a bit of good old-fashioned Toei Pinky Violence? Taking a page from Yasuharu Hasebe's "Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter" Makoto Naito, best known for his "Furyo Bancho" series casts Emiko Yamauchi as the leader of a gang of female teenage delinquents. Get ready for Rock! Explosion! Young! But be forewarned, this trailer ISN'T 100% work safe.

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