Friday, March 12, 2010

"Flower and Snake" returns with a third sequel and a new star

by Chris MaGee

Okay, confession time again. I've mentioned before that I've not seen the wildly popular "Bayside Shakedown" films. I don't lose any sleep over it, because as of this moment I still have no desire to see them. Another very popular Japanese film franchise that I have yet to see are the "Flower and Snake" films. It's true. If this shakes your faith in me, then... oh well. Even though the fine folks at Pink Eiga and my comrade-in-arms Jasper Sharp have shown me the error of my ways and got me watching some pink films there's still a part of me that likes my films to be films and my porn to be porn. I guess that's what has kept me from "Flower and Snake" for so long. It looks like there'll be another reason why I should break my "Flower and Snake" cherry very soon though.

Nippon Cinema is reporting that a third "Flower and Snake" film is going into production with 24-year-old gravure idol Minako Komukai (above left) starring in the lead role. I know, technically there have been eight "Flower and Snake" films, with Masaru Konuma's 1974 film basec on the erotic writings of Oniroku Dan being the most popular. This new film starring Komukai is the third of the reboot of the series that started with Takashi Ishii's 2004 remake which starred Aya Sugimoto as a a housewife who is savaged by her husband to turn her into a sub... or to give the audience a boner... or both. See what I mean about a film being a film and porn being porn?

In this third film in the reboot series Minako Komukai will star as a cellist who gets romanced/ savaged by a series of male suitors/ studs. Directing duites will be taken care of by Yusuke Narita and the film will be released by Toei Video. No word yet as to whether screen legend Jo Shishido will reprise his role from the first sequel, and whether or not he will be popping Viagra as he apparently confessed to doing for his performance.


Dr. Stan Glick said...

Bondage films are not my thing, but I finally watched the first two Flower & Snake films on DVD a few months ago. Both are well worth watching. Aya Sugimoto is totally amazing, and Ishii does a fine job directing. The second film, with an original story by Ishii, has to be checked out if for no other reason than to see Joe Shishido's performance. Don't put off watching these films any longer!

Anonymous said...

I see your point, a good film defies boxes.