Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kyoko Koizumi leads an ensemble cast in the Kyoto set "Mother Water"

by Chris MaGee

I'll always have fond memories of the 10 days I spent in Kyoto back in 2006, and since then the memories of its historic buildings, winding side streets, and of course the food (of those Kyoto sweets!) has had me hankering to get back there. As long as the bank account level is low, though, I'll have to sate that urge for Kyoto by catching a film like the upcoming "Mother Water". Kevin Ouellette over at Nippon Cinema has details on the Kyoto-based production that tells the story of three women in a quaint Kyoto neighbourhood populated by small businesses. Directed by Kana Matsumoto "Mother Water" stars Kyoko Koizumi (above right) as the propriatress of a small coffee shop, Satomi Kobayashi (above left) as the owner of a nomi-ya, Mikako Ichikawa as a tofu maker, and Ryo Kase as an antique furinture dealer. The supporting cast is rounded out by Kento Nagayama, Ken Mitsuishi, and Masako Motai. As Kevin mentions in his post a number of these actors have starred opposite each other before, most notably in the films of director Naoko Ogigami.

"Mother Water" is set to be released in Japaense theatres in October of this year. Thanks to Cinema Cafe.net for the above promotional still from the film.

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