Friday, March 19, 2010

Latest film in the "Perfect Education" series takes pink films into 3D territory

by Chris MaGee

It's amazing how porn is always there on the cutting edge of technology. In the very early days of photography what happened? People started having sex in front of pin hole cameras. When motion picture technology was invented? They stripped down and started having sex for the Cinematographe. Sound film came along, and all the better to hear the moans and groans. Then there was 8mm handheld cameras, video, of course the internet and then the buzz in the 90's about "virtual reality". Whatever the technological advance it brings out folks desire to capture their most intimate moments for posterity (or conveniently timed wanking sessions). What does that say about us as a species I wonder...? Well, that's a whole other topic.

Now with "Avatar" introducing movie audiences to 3D what do you think is going to happen? Yup, that's right... 3D porn, and in this case it just happens to be Japanese porn! Okay, not hardcore AV porn, but the 7th installment in the "Perfect Education" seriers that started with Ben Wada's 1999 film (read Matt Hardstaff's review for that one here. The "Perfect Education" films are definitely more along the lines of the narrative pink films that have become so popular since the release of Jasper Sharp's book "Behind the Pink Curtain: The Complete History of Japanese Sex Cinema" and it was Sharp who brings this new installment to our attention.

"Perfect Education: Maid For You" is helmed by "Yo-Yo Girl Cop" and "X-Cross" director Kenta Fukasaku. Set in otaku central, Akihabara, it tells the story of a pretty young woman (gravure idol Ayano) who works in maid café cabaret show and the young, socially maladjusted otaku (Kotaro Yanagi) who kidnaps her. The film even has an appearance by Naoto Takenaka who starred in Wada's "Perfect Education". What Wada's film didn't have though were sex sequences shot in 3D. That's right, when the clothes come off the 3D glasses go on. Talk about a marketing gimmick! With the history of porn and technology, though, it was only a matter of time I guess, but like a good friend said to me recently , "If you're going to watch 3D porn why don't you just have sex?" Good point... Very good point.

Check out the trailer for "Perfect Education: Maid for You", but beware that it ISN'T entirely safe for work.

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