Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Midnight Eye posts the results of their 2009 reader's poll

by Chris MaGee

At the beginning of February we ran a story on Midnight Eye's ongoing 2009 Reader's Poll and how even at that point it was pretty darn obvious that one film was going to lead the pack as the film of 2009. That film was "Love Exposure", or should I say "That film is 'Love Exposure"? I probably should because Midnight Eye has finally posted the official results of their 2009 Reader's Poll and Sion sono genre-defying 4-hour epic is right up there in the top spot. It's followed up by Hirokazu Kore-eda's domestic drama "Still Walking" at number 2, Yojiro Takita's Oscar-winning "Departures" at number 3, another Kore-da film, "Air Doll" at number 4, and Yoshihiro Nakamura's multiple timeline, end of the world film "Fish Story" at number 5.

Head over to Midnight Eye to check out numbers 6 to 10 and all the runners up. I will say that I am deliriously happy that Masahide Ichii's film "Naked of Defenses" made it into the top ten of the poll, but I won't tell you here exactly where it came in the rankings.

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