Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tomorowo Taguchi! Toshiaki Toyoda! Nippon Connection 2010 guest list grows

by Chris MaGee

Well, both myself and Marc Saint-Cyr have got our flights and accommodations booked and with just over a month until the 10th anniversary of Frankfurt's Nippon Connection we're both itching to get things going. During one of our frequent, mid-afternoon, daydreaming checks of the Nippon Connection website we happened to notice that a handful of guests have already been announced... but what a handful!

On hand in Frankfurt will be Toshiaki Toyoda (above right) who will be presenting not only his new film "Blood of Rebirth", but his feature film debut "Pornostar (a.k.a. Tokyo Rampage)" which will be screening in the Best of Nippon Connection programme. Also on hand will be actor/ director Tomorowo Taguchi (above left) whose sophomore directorial effort "Oh, My Buddha!" will be screening, and director Tetsuaki Matsue, whose music documentary Live Tape" won the top prize in the Japanese Eyes programme at the 2009 Tokyo International Film Festival, will also be at the fest with "Live Tape", "Annyong Yumika", and "Annyong Kimchi". A look at the jury for the Nippon Digital Award also reveals director John Williams of "Firefly Dreams" and "Starfish Hotel" fame.

The thought of Toyoda, one of the most underrated filmmakers of the last 15 years, and Taguchi, star of "Tetsuo the Ironman" in the same room... well it'll be hard to stop even just a little J-film geek glee from shining through. All we can say is that April 14th can't come soon enough!


Katie Muffett said...

Christmas is comin early for you lads! Count me as one of the seriously envious, and expecting major reportage on Nippon Connection!

Yume said...

Argh...... I'm almost ready to book a ticket for a 2 days only stay. I want to see and meet Tomorowo !!!!!!!!