Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Chonmage Purin - Yoshihiro Nakamura (2010)

Yoshihiro Nakamura, the man who brought us "The Glorious Team Batista" and "Fish Story" directs what could be the most absurd film coming out of Japan in 2010, "Chonmage Purin (Topknot Pudding)". Pop star Ryo Nishikido stars as a samurai who travels through time to present day Tokyo where he meets and falls in love with a single mother (Rie Tomosaka)... and becomes a pastry chef. [shaking head in disbelief] "Chonmage Purin" is due out in Japanese theatres this summer.

Jekyll and Hyde - Hideo Gosha (1969)

Not a trailer for a film, but the opening sequence and trailer for the 1969 13-episode Fuji TV series "Jekyll and Hyde" based on the Robert Louis Stevenson classic about a man whose personality has been split right down the middle into pure ego and pure id. Japanese screen veteran Tetsuro Tamba stars as the good doctor and his evil alter ego.

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