Friday, April 30, 2010

The 6th annual Sky PerfecTV! Adult Broadcasting Awards bring sexy laughs to Shibuya

by Chris MaGee

Somehow I always feel like I have to apologize when I post a story about Japan's AV (Adult Video) industry. Maybe it's the puritan in me, or maybe its the film snob who somehow thinks porn isn't a part of valid film culture. That's not true, or at least I believe a couple centuries from now when there are only a handful of films and videos left from the late 20th and early 21st centuries historians will see any surviving document from this time as valid. Come the 23rd century AV star Maria Ozawa may very well be on equal footing with a classic actress like Machiko Kyo. You never know.

This past week Brett Bull, the Tokyo Reporter himself, brought us news that Maria Ozawa and her fellow Japanese porn starlets Saori Hara and Shelly Fujii were honoured with trophies at the 6th annual Sky PerfecTV! Adult Broadcasting Awards. he event took place in a meeting room at a Shibuya love hotel and featured Ozawa, Hara, Fujii and their fellow AV peers getting into som pretty hilarious (and of course naughty) game show inspired hijinks. The end result was broadcast on the SkyPerfecTV! satellite network, but Bull has posted a gallery of some pretty funny (although somewhat NSFW) photos from the event here. See you can't say the J-Film Pow-Wow doesn't get naughty from time to time!

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