Friday, April 23, 2010

Jo Odagiri reteams with Satoshi Miki for police detective TV series

by Chris MaGee

Jo Odagiri is a superstar in Japan, across Asia and around the world, but it was the release of his film "Adrift in Tokyo" on DVD by Montreal-based distributor Evokative Films that has kept the 34-year-old actor alive in the minds of Canadian film fans. That quirky comedy was directed by Satoshi Miki, and now according to Tokyograph this actor and director pairing will be reuniting for a TV series on Japan's TV Asahi network. Titled "Atami no Sousakan" the series will feature Odagiri as a federal investigator who is called in to crack an 3-year-old cold case involving four missing high school girls, a case that goes red hot after one of the girls miraculously reappears.

This is the second time that Odagiri has collaborated with Satoshi Miki on a TV series. In 2006 Odagiri starred in the TV Asahi, Staoshi Miki directed series "Jikou Keisatsu (Time Limit Detective)" as Kiriyama Shuichiro, a low-level police desk worker who investigates cold cases that have gone past the statute of limitations.

No word yet on when "Atami no Sousakan" will be airing, but we can assume it will be in the next couple coming months.

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