Friday, April 23, 2010

A new gallery of stills from the new "Chusingura" shows up at Twitch

by Chris MaGee

At the beginning of November word came out about a new screen adaptation of Japan's national epic, "Chushingura" or "The Loyal 47 Ronin". The story of 47 samurai who plot the elaborate revenge of their master who was ordered to commit seppuku after he defied court etiquette aqnd attempted to kill his superior has been adapted to the screen numerous times (just search "Chushingura" on IMDb and you'll see what I mean). This new adaptation, titled "Saigo no Chushingura (The Last Chushingura)" is being directed by Shigemichi Sugita and stars Koji Yakusho and Koichi Sato. It's being promoted by its producers at Warner Brothers as the studios
"first true Japanese film".

"Saigo no Chushingura" isn't due out in Japan until next year, but Twitch has already snagged a gallery of stills that give us a taste of what to expect from this new version. Is there any other Japanese actors right now who can bring the screen gravitas that Koji Yaksuho can? Wearing a kimono or no? I'm hard pressed to think of another one, and these stills drive that point home. You can get a look at all the stills by visiting Twitch here.

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Peter Nellhaus said...

Warner Brothers' "first true Japanese film"? Just off the top of my head, what about Akira Kurosawa's Dreams? I also finally got around to seeing Accuracy of Death which begins with the famous Warner logo.