Saturday, April 10, 2010

Shinya Tsukamoto gets full 2-week retrospective next month in Shibuya

by Chris MaGee

It was just during this past week that reported on how a new extended director's cut of Shinya Tsukamoto's seminal 1989 film "Tetsuo The Ironman" is being released on DVD in Japan to coincide with the Japanese theatrical release "Tetsuo the Bulletman"; but it looks like there are even bigger plans afoot to pay tribute to Tsukamoto.

Longtime Tsukamoto producer Keiko Kusakabe has announced through her company Makotoya Co. Ltd.'s website that a two week retrospective of Tsukamoto's work, titled Shinya Tsukamoto Film Festival 2010, will be screening at Tokyo's Theater N Shibuya next month. From May 8th to May 21st 14 of Tsukamoto's films will be screened at the theatre including three rarely screened films: 1987's "Denchu Kozou no Boken (The Adventures of Denchu Kozo), "Tamamushi" Tsukamoto's 22-minute short from the 2005 omnibus film "female", and Tsukamoto's only TV movie, 2003's "Lizard Lacerta" shot for NHK.

If you are lucky enough to be in Tokyo in may this is an event you simply can't miss. For additional details on the Shinya Tsukakamoto Film Festival 2010 click here and here.

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