Friday, April 2, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Selfish Planet - Hiroaki Ito (2010)

Fresh off its premiere at this year's Okinawa International Movie Festival comes the teaser trailer for Hiroaki Ito's astronaut comedy "Selfish Planet". From the same writers as "Big man Japan" and "Summertime Machine Blues" Ito's film follows five regular guys who get to experience the dream of a lifetime - to head out into orbit, but things don't necessarily go as planned


Cursed - Yoshihiro Hoshino (2004)

By 2004 J-Horror had become huge enough to start to have people poke fun at it. Well before Sion Sono took J-Horror into absurd new territory with "Exte: Hair Extensions" Yoshihiro Hoshino brought us "Cursed". When a representative of a large convenience store comes to oversee the purchase of an independent "conbini" strange things start to happen. Yes folks, it's a cursed convenience store! More tongue-in-cheek laughs than real scares "Cursed" is the perfect cheesy late Saturday night popcorn film.

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