Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekly Trailers

Alien vs. Ninja - Seiji Chiba (2010)

Nikkatsu's newly formed genre film wing Sushi Typhoon has finally come out with their first trailer. This isn't "Alien vs. Predator"... This is "Alien vs. Ninja". In Seiji Chiba's film those black-clad masters of stealth must face their ultimate foe - aliens who've crash landed in Edo era Japan. "Alien vs. Ninja" will be premiering as part of this year's New York Asian Film Festival.

Evil Spirit of the Dog God - Toshiya Ito (1977)

Engineers scouting for uranium in a small village unwittingly stir up a batch of evil spirits when they accidentally destroy a roadside shrine. The head of the Uranium mining coming ends up marrying the daughter of the viallge's mayor, but get's more than he bargains for when demonic possession gets stirred into the mix.

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